Keris Tilam Sari

Code: KE57

Dapur (style): Tilam Sari

Tangguh (era): 20th century

Pamor (surface pattern): Ri Gereh (Ri = bone, Gereh = salt fish) rare!

Blade Features: A kembang kacang is not found. The Ganja is Mbatok Mengkureb.

Hulu (hilt): middle brown wood in Surakarta style with carvings

Mendak (fittings): silver selut is decorated with some white, red and blue stones

Warangka (sheath top): Ladrang or Branggah Surakarta of light brown Sawo wood.

Pendok (sleeve): Silih Asih. It is made from copper colored material with nice ornaments on the front side and a sign on the back side. It is decorated with copper colored floral motifs between silver.

Total length: The length of the blade is 36.2cm and total length 50.2cm

Edged Weapons of the Indonesian Archipelago

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