Code: IN5

This is a contemporary working knife, an Arit ("rice cutter”) from Sumatra. Both the sheath and knife show beautiful carving and workmanship.  The blade measures 7 1/2" and 1/4" thick hand-forged spring steel.  It is fully etched or engraved on both sides.  It also has a 5" sharpened false-edge, fileworks; sharpened and hardened.  

Blades in Indonesia are sometimes found with small holes. This blade has five holes, said to represent the pillars of Islam.  Holes in blades are a common decoration across the world and in each region holes may have symbolism as well a functional purpose. 

The handle is 2 colors hardwood ("Sonokeling")  with a mild steel ferrule ring.  The sheath is stained hardwood, with a carved dragon in light varnish.  The overall length is 13 ¼".