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This is a replica of a knife made famous by Union troops during the American Civil War.  The slogan "Death To Traitors" appeared in many places, including stamps, posters and pamphlets.  The original of this Bowie is etched with the slogan as a specific appeal to Union loyalists. In the mid 1800's, cutlery was still an artisan's craft. The original of this knife was made by the Whitehead and Hoag Company in about 1860 and many were sold to Union troops.  So many Northerners carried the knive that Southerners referred to it as that "Damn Yankee Knife".  

The Bowie was originally fashioned as a primary defense weapon.  After the Civil War, when pistols became more reliable, the Bowie was more commonly used for hunting.

This replica is made by CAS Hanwei.  It is a fairly exact copy of the original other than the steel, which is high carbon.  The blade is 7 ¾ inches long, measuring 1 ½ inches wide and tapering in thickness distally from ⅜ inch measured at the guard to ⅛ inch near the point.  The shape is classic for the Bowie style, with a clipped top and upward curving point.  The blade is exceptionally sharp.

The hilt is 4 ¾ inches long and about ¾ inch thick, with a full tang.  There are stag horn pieces on either side of the tang, fastened completely through with brass pins in four points near the guard and pommel.  The nickel silver guard is simple and also serves to hold the stag horn hilt pieces in place.  A brass piece is affixed to one side of the hilt and is suitable for custom engraving.

The scabbard is made of thick brown leather with nickel silver fittings including a belt frog.

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