Austo-Hungarian Imperial Saber


Code:  EU2

A dress saber from Vienna, Austria, typical of those carried by civil servants of the empire c. late 1800's to early 1900's.

The blade:

  • Undecorated apart from maker's mark on ricasso
  • Engraved/stamped on the ricasso: 
    • "Weyersberg
      & Stamm
  • Single fuller
  • Length 29 ¾ inches measured guard to point
  • Slightly curved upward
  • Distal taper ¼ inch at guard to 1/16 inch at point
  • Width ⅞th inches measured at guard, narrowing to ½ inch before point

The scabbard:

  • Black leather with brass.
  • An embossed emblem with crown.
  • Embossed floral design patterns.

The grip:

  • Dark leather wrapped with brass strip, dotted geometric design
  • A brass decoration along the top with sheaves of wheat design.
  • Hilt measuring 5 inches from guard to pommel

The guard:

  • Sheet type basket, carved and engraved
  • Downward curving quillion in shape of a scroll
  • Floral design patterns
  • A detailed representation of the coat of arms of the Empire of Austria form Congress of Vienna 1815-1867.
EU2 Guard-betterAustro-Hungarian Empire Emblem
EU2 Backside of Hilt
EU2 Scabbard footEU2 Emblem on scabbard
EU2 Pommel