Tre Pianelle, F. Consiglio

EU27 Tre Pianelle

Code EU27

This is a Tre Pianelle, a typical knife of Scarperia.  Scarperia is in the Province of Florence in the Italian region of Tuscany.  The name of this typical Scarperia knife is probably derived from the way the blade is machined, with three surfaces on each face. During the Nineteenth century, three different models were made in Scarperia forming part of the "style knives" group that differed, however, in the way the blade-faces were machined.The first two models gradually disappeared and only one was still produced in the Twentieth century. In spite of the aggressive shape of the blade, this knife was not banned. In fact, the laws of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany first, and the Kingdom of Italy later, allowed them to be used.

This Tre Pianelle has a darkened olive wood hilt.  The blade is INOX stainless steel folded many times as you can see in the pictures.  Fully open, the knife measures 20.5 cm

EU27 Tre Pianelle - blade
EU27 Tre Pianelle - ricasso

This knife was manufactured by F. Consigli, a maker of the highest quality knives in Scarperia for many generations.