The pendok is the metal sleeve found on a gandar, the lower part of a keris sheath.  The pendok functions as a protective layer for the wooden sheeth, and also a means to display luxury. For example, the choice of metals (brass, copper vs. silver or gold), carved patterns and jewel settings. 

There are three basic shapes of pendok

  • Bunton covers the entire gander.  It is common in the area of Solo, Java
  • Blewehan or Slorok has a long slit allowing part of the gander to be visible. It is common to Yogya.
  • Topengan has a window or slot cut out to expose the gandar. It is common to Madura

Decoration and Variations

Pendok are often richly decorated in precious metals, jewels (tretes), and elaborate designs.   Designs may be punched or pierced (cukitan) embossed, engraved or carved (krawangan). Patterns are typically repetitive patterns of geometric or vegetal shapes (e.g., leaves and flowers) since Islam prohibits artistic representation of humans or animals.  

Pendok Buntun

Pendok Bunton Examples