The warangka (wrangka) is the upper part of the sheath of a keris (and some other swords from the Indonesian Archipelago).  It has a very distinctive shape that tells where it was manufactured and in this way, possibly a clue to the origin of the keris itself.  The warangka, like the other "clothing" of a keris, wears out much faster than the blade itself.  Over possibly hundreds of years, the clothing will change as many times as the holder of the keris deems necessary.

Reference: Warangka -Keris Sheath & Types of Woods

Warangka Surakarta

    Warangka Ladrang, found in Java or Bali,  worn when attending ceremonies, festivities
(see pictures here)

  •         Ladrang Kasatriyan
  •         Ladrang Kadipaten
  •         Ladrang Capu (rare)
  •         Ladrang Kacir (rare)

    Warangka Gayaman, found in Java or Bali, worn when on-duty (member of party), soldier or every day use
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  •         Gayaman Gandon
  •         Gayaman Pelokan
  •         Gayaman Ladrang
  •         Gayaman Banicigan
  •         Gayaman Wyang

    Warangka Sandang Walikat is a simple shape worn when you bring a keris on a trip 
(see pictures here)

Warangka Yogyakarta

    Branggah very much like a warangka Ladrang


  •         Gayaman ngabehan
  •         Gayaman Banaran

Warangka Tengah (Northern)

(see here for pictures)


  • Bali Kekandikan


  • Tebeng



  • Sulawesi Bugis
  • Sulawesi Macassar