Flyssa 2 (Algeria)

AN24 Flyssa

Code: AN24

Excellent condition.  This flyssa from Algeria is circa 1880-1900.  

Overall length is 16 ½ inches.  The blade is 11 ⅜ inches long.  This is the traditional sword of the Kaybles trip in Algeria.  The brass hilt is formed in a traditional "creature" form. 

The blade features brass inlay in hand-cut chisilling and file work on both sides.  The blade is fully ⅜ inch thick where it meets the hilt, tapering to a fine point.

Very light pitting at the ricasso where your thumb and forefinger would rest are evidence of honest use expected in a combat weapon.

As one collector said, "This is a very intimidating piece that feels like the kind of last ditch weapon you would want in your belt … or the most substantial letter opener on the planet."

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