Flyssa Sword (Algeria)

AN49 Berber Flyssa Sword

Code AN49

This is a traditional Flyssa sword typical of the Kabyle Berbers of northern Algeria, circa mid- to late-19th C.

The sword is 42 ¼ inches long overall. The blade is 37 ½ inches long and is in excellent condition with only a very minor bend in the tip. The engraved figures and inlaid brass are in the typical geometric motif and iconography found on flyssa of all sizes.  The hilt is in superb condition, embossed brass over wood, in a zoological shape.  Most unusual is the scabbard for this flyssa, which are rarely found for flyssa swords (scabbards of many sword types tend to be discarded or lost in battle). The scabbard is of two pieces of wood held together by a brass bands, only one of which remains. The scabbard carved on one side in detailed geometric and floral designs. There is some lossage of the wood in the scabbard shape.

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