Koummya (Morocco)

Code: AN6

This koummiya (koummya) is the Moroccan version of the traditional Arabic janbiya, and is also generically referred to as a janbiya (which in Arabic simply means “knife”). Once the French and British empires expanded into northern Africa in the early 1800's and the homelands of the Arabs were overrun with white-suited expatriates (“desert-wallahs”), it became popular to send local weaponry back home to amaze those who were not so well travelled. Morocco fell early to European colonialism, and industries sprang up to supply the “white devils” with the native weapons that helped them feel superior.

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This koumiya is a fine example of metal working showing silver, brass, and copper. The silver studded sheath and hilt are quite impressive. All parts are tight and good quality workmanship. The dagger dates from the early 1900's and measures 12 inches in length when in the sheath. It is a  good example of a familiar dagger form from Morocco.

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