Yemeni Hadhrami Youth Jambiya

AN43 Yemeni Hadhramaut Jamibiya

Code AN43

This is a small janbiya (Jambiya), probably for a child or very young man, from the Hadhramaut region of Yemen.

The hilt is made of two pieces of horn (possibly white kark), bound decorative silver straps at the base and a silver pommel. Front and back of the hilt are identical in decoration with silver pins arranged in a floral motif. The base of the hilt features an encompassing band of silver that is carved and embossed in a geometric motif with several strings of beads and an unusual woven band that reflects the considerable skill of the artisan.

The blade is good quality multi-layered iron and has the typical mid- rib along the central spine.

The scabbard is tooled leather with floral and geometric designs.

The overall length is 9 ½ inches. The blade is 5 ½ inches long.

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Hadramout Yemen

Hadhramaut Region of Yemen

Hadhramaut, Hadhramout, Hadramawt or Ḥaḍramūt (Arabic: حضرموت‎ Ḥaḍramawt) is the name of the region currently retained in Hadhramaut Governorate of the Republic of Yemen on the Arabian Peninsula. The people of Hadhramaut are called Hadhramis and speak Hadhrami Arabic.

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