Saudi Presentation Saif

Saudi Presentation Sword

Code:  AN16

This is a traditional Saudi presentation sword.  The shape, simply called “saif” (which translates as “sword”), is a traditional form relatively unchanged for a thousand years.

Short swords such as this saif are regularly presented by the Saudi King to individuals as a sign of recognition for special effort in the development of Saudi Arabia. It is intended to be worn on special occasions (much as one might wear a medal) and to hang on the owner’s wall as a sign of recognition and accomplishment.

The handle and scabbard are made from gilded metal with the image of crossed swords and palm tree - the “coat of arms” of Saudi Arabia. Faux rubies are on one side of the scabbard. The overall length is 22.5” with a 15” blade. This saif is presentation grade. The blade has never been sharpened.