Apalit Palang

PP23 Apalit Palang

Code: PP23


Here is a beautiful old palang from the town of Apalit in the Philippine provence of Pampanga.  It is about 22 inches in overall length, the blade about 14 inches. The blade is heavy, well forged and finished.  "Palang" is the Kapampangan word meaning machete or bolo. The equivalent term in Indonesia is "parang".  The scabbard wood is either Narra or Balayong wood.  The latter is no longer available, but was prized earlier for use in furniture.

Apalit, Pampanga is located in the Luzon area of The Philippines.  Malayan immigrants that settled along the banks of Rio Grande de la Pampanga at the beginning of the 14th century were the ancestors of many Apaliteños. When Spain conquered the area, Pampanga was the first province established and become the richest spoil of the Spaniards by 1571.

Apalit was long known for metal work.  It even has a local community (a "barangay") called "Capalangan", or "Place of Palangs".  Today, times have changed and a palang such as this one is a very rare find indeed.