Ifugao Bulul Case Daggers

Ifugao Bulul Case Daggers

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This is one of several pieces I have obtained from a buyer who works directly with the remote Ifugao tribe.  They live where the terraces are close, the slopes steep, and age-old traditions are not easily changed.  The few roads through the area of the Ifugao are supplemented by narrow footpaths.  These wind their way along the famous terrace edges up the the terrace walls, through mountain passes, and serve to connect the villages.  These knives (and my others) are like all materials of the Ifugao - borne on human backs and heads.

Compare this "case" of knives with something very similar from the Sudan!

This decorative set of  three traditional Ifugao daggers is mounted in a carved  wooden holder. The sharp blade of the biggest dagger is about 8"  long,  The overall length of the dagger is 12  1/4"  . The blade is also secured with rattan to the handle.  

The handles are carved in shapes of  Ifugao bulols

The smaller blades are 4 1/2"  long.

The set weights 336  grams (11.8  oz)  and measures approx. 14" x  8  1/4" .

There is rattan hook on the back.

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