Moro Gunong

Philippine Moro Punal or Gunong Dagger with Sheath having a WWII Inscription

Code PP32

"A better quality of Philippine Moro Punal or Gunong Dagger with a slightly curved predominantly double-edged blade, somewhat recurved along one edge and relatively straight along the other. Two narrow, deep fullers are present with some floral engraving between them - there is a flat back (single edged area) adjacent to where this engraving approaches one side. The blade has a flattened diamond cross section beyond the engraved area. The blade measures 8½ inches (21.7 cm) in length and shows only minimal discoloration and pitting. The guard and hilt ferrule are engraved with the later showing some applied granulation work and appear to be either tarnished silver alloy or nickel silver. The guard and adjacent half of the ferrule will rotate slightly, while the curving dark wood hilt remains true and well fixed to the blade. The gunong measures 12¼ inches (31.3 cm) in length and weighs about 7 ounces (198 grams). The wooden sheath has a mouth locket with belt loop and a chape appearing to be made predominantly of aluminum with some copper trim accentuating the belt loop. The locket has been lightly and crudely engraved 'IN MEMORY; .. MY QUEST; FOR THE; JAPS IN; M...'. One copper band is present just below the locket with evidence that two more were once present. Overall sheathed length is 12½ inches (31.8 cm) with a weight of 9.2 ounces (261 grams).”

From his collection, Estate of Lew Waldman