Moro Gunong Bone Hilt

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Moro Gunong with Bone Hilt

The gunong is one of the most common Moro swords, widely available in the collectors market, yet high quality pieces are fewer and far between. 

Moro Gunong Blade Decoration Detail

Moro Gunong Blade Decoration Detail

The gunong is considered a smaller, dagger version of the Moro kris sword although it lacks many features typically found on kris.  In northern Mindanao and other areas where Spanish influence was strong, it is also known by its name in Spanish, the Punal, or Punal de Kris. 

Gunong blade shapes vary widely from the triangular (like this blade) to wavy or even crescent shaped.  Gunong may be sharp on one or both edges.  It may be that the different shaped blades should be regarded as completely different, but today they al are known simply as gunong.  The gunong hilt, in typical pistol grip, distinguishes this type of weapon although in older weapons the bulbous hilts could be somewhat straighter.

This gunong is very sharp on both edges. The blade measures 7" with a widest diameter 2 1/2" and with a hilt of length of 10". These is a typical size. The blade is quite hefty and sharp, unlike the flimsy blades found on many tourist versions. The guard, elaborate decoration on the blade, bone and brass hilt, and silver bands on the scabbard indicaate this is probably made after 1930 when this style began to come into fashion. The use of German silver dates this gunong to post WWII.

The gunong is a weapon of last defense and so it is often worn in a concealed place such as on the back (under a sash) or in a turban.  Both men and women carried the gunong.

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