Moro Panabas

PP16 Panabas

Code PP16

The Panabas (also known as "Tabas") is a very large forward-curving sword from the southern Philippines and used by the Moros. The sword's name is a shortening of the word "pang-tabas" which means "chopping tool".  Held with both hands, it delivers a deep cut.  Although it was occasionally used in agriculture and butchering, the primary use of the panabas was a combat weapon, a tool of execution and above all, a display of power and prestige.  This is a strong and deadly weapon.

Panabas range in size from about 2 feet to 4 feet long.  This one is overall about 32 ⅜ inches long, with a blade of 15 ¾ inch.  The blade is quite thick near the hilt at ⅜ inches, without tapering much until it is well forward towards the tip.

This sword is quite difficult to find and so I am pleased to have one in my collection!

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