Moro Panabas


Code: PP22

A Moro Panabas from Mindinao, obtained by the previous owner in 1950 in the Philippines and brought to the US at that time.  This style is seen post WWII.

Overall length: 43 inches

Hilt length: 13 inches. Plain wood with metal (brass?) helping secure blade.

Blade width: 1 ¼ inches at hilt to 4 ¼ inches at widest

Blade thickness: ¼ inch tapering distally towards tip

Blade is loose in hilt and easily removed; tang shows age

Decoration: Okir motif. Floral carving along entire back side of blade on both sides. Numerous metal plugs, intact. Serrated back edge near tip with small spike, concave clip point drop to tip. Overall angle shape. 

More info soon, and new pics after I remove the rust and give it a good clean!