Rencong Meukure

IN51 Rencong Meukure

Code IN51

This is a Rencong Meukure (meukuree) from northern Sumatra, C. early 1900's. This type, the Meukure, differs from the other types of rencong in that the blade is decorated with images of snakes, centipedes, flowers or other designs.  The designs are interpreted as recognizing certain privileges and conferring certain advantages.  This type, carefully preserved and cared for over generations is deemed to have the greatest magical power much like the keris of Java.

The overall length of this recong meukure is 11 ½ inches.  The blade is 8 ¼ inches long measured tip to bolster. The blade is ¾ inch wide at the bolster with a thickness of ⅛ inch continuing for approximately 5 inches from bolster towards tip, thereafter tapering distally. The hilt is a beautiful hardwood in the traditional form.

The scabbard throat is a piece of very aged bone or ivory. Below it is found an embossed brass band. The wooden scabbard is of the same wood as the hilt and has some loss at the chape.