Sewar Ebony

Sewar Ebony

Code IN79

This is a beautiful sewar (Siwah, Siwaih, Siwar)  from Sumatra, Indonesia, c. early 1900’s. The sewar is one of the three principal weapons of the Aceh ethnic group in N. Sumatra. The sewar is a ceremonial dagger, the prerogative of the sultan and men of substantial wealth. It is also a formidable weapon used primarily with a thrusting attack. 

The hilt (hulu) is of ebony (kayu arang) in the shape called tapa guda.

The blade is curved and sharpened on the concave side. Sewar blades, including this one, often feature a groove on both sides along the top near the hilt. The blade is forged with an integral angular stem ring. The earliest sewars, in keeping with their largely ceremonial role, were made from soft iron or bronze. Western influence coincided with the beginning of good quality steel for the blade. 

The scabbard is of two woods, kemuning in the lower portion with a chape of bone, and the upper portion of an unidentified type. Both woods have beautiful grains.

The total length in scabbard is 26.5 cm