Moro Puñal de Kriss

Code: PP8, PP9

These are a matching pair of Punal daggers, called "Puñal de Kriss" or "Moro Gunong".  The style originates in the southern regions of the Philippines and are typical of the Moro people.  These daggers are often worn at the back in a waist sash or hidden in various places in clothing.  They are a dagger of last defense as well as a utility knife, carried by both sexes.  Some newer versions have belt clips.  It is most closely associated with the Malay-dominant southern province of Marano of the Philippines.

These blades are carbon steel with hilts made of bone.  The blades measure 13.2 cm and hilt 7.2cm with an overall length of 21.2cm.  The wight is approximately 0.70 grams each, without the scabbard.  These blades are typical, but not very special.

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