Rencong Meupucok

KB2 Gold Rencong

Code: KB2

This is a prestige rencong (rentcong, rentjong, rintjong rentjoeng, reuncong), circa early to mid 1900's, from the Aceh region in Northern Sumatra. The overall length is approximately 37 cm in the scabbard.  Alone, from hilt to tip it measures 33 cm.

Acehnese say that the rencong takes the shape (literally, the individual letters in formal arabic script) of the invocation, "Bismillaah In the name of God, the merciful and compassionate." 

The blade is inscribed with Arabic lettering that is likely a verse or quote from the Qur'an. Such blades were reserved for those associated most closely with the Sultan.

The blade is sharp on the side opposite the curve of the hilt and remains quite sharp. The bolster is a faceted hexagon, of integral steel with the blade. The blade is slightly loose in the hilt.

The scabbard is wood. The hilt and scabbard are completely covered with a thin foil of gold with elaborate floral design motif rendered using chasing and embossing.  This means it was a very expensive rencong with high prestige value. The large size also means it was reserved for a person with very high status.

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