Collins No. 1005 Army Bolo

PP15 Mystery Parang

Code PP15

A US AEF Collins No. 1005 US Army Engineers Bolo Machete. This is the Type 3 model 1005 with the brass ring around the base of the hilt, and a blade without the metal ferrule. This is the type used in the Spanish American War.  There is some argument as to whether or not this knife was available in WWI. Others argue that it was in regular use through the 1940s.  There are no military marks on blade or scabbard.  This general type was military issue circa 1898 until the late 1920's.

This bolo has a huge and heavy 15 ¼ inch steel blade with a 5" wood hilt.  It weighs an arm wearying 4 pounds with its original leather scabbard.  The scabbard has a stamped floral design in the leather, and is trimmed in brass.

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