“The history of the sword is the history of humanity.”

- Sir Richard F. Burton, The Book of the Sword


This site has information about many of the swords and knives in my collection and it, like my collection, is constantly changing. Many items in the collection are antiques, some are replicas, and some are unique works of modern artisans.  I am far from an expert on edged weapons and I certainly welcome your comments. Thank you for visiting!

Edged weapons are one of the earliest technologies invented by humans. As with many technologies, they endow the user with a power to do good or evil. Edged weapons served us well as tools to provide nourishment and shelter. They also gave us the power to compel or kill other people. Knives and swords are ubiquitous and important symbols across human cultures.

I’ve followed a couple of themes in building  my collection.  To be included, an item should have, ideally, at least one of the following characteristics:

• historical significance

• ethnographic importance

• superior craftsmanship

• an interesting story

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  • None of the items in my collection are for sale
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