Pedang Lurus

IN44 Pedang Lurus

Code IN44

This short sword has been provisionally identified as a pedang lurus (luwuki) from Java, The blade is old but the clothing is more recent, c. 1960's.  The pedang lurus is common in Java but is also found elsewhere in the Indonesian Archipelago.

The pedang lurus is a variant that is usually distinguished by beautiful silver decorations on the hilt and scabbard.  It has a straight or slightly downward-curving blade that is partly two-edged where it tapers towards the point.  Also typical is a cross-guard before the hilt that fits flush into the scabbard's throat. Unlike many other blades that are made locally in Java, the pedang lurus may have a blade made of Indian Gussdamast (Wootz) or have European origin.

The overall length of this sword is 24 ½ inches with a weight of 18.8 ounces. The blade is approximately 17 inches long.  It is single edged for 7 inches closest to the hilt and thereafter double edged towards the tip.  An interest low central rib extends from the tip of the blade to the transition point, with a shallow fuller on each side of the rib.  A second raised rib appears about 4 ½ inches from the hilt. 

Although the blade is quite dark, the finish reveals a laminated blade with a most unrevealed pamor that is remains to be identified.

The hilt and scabbard are decorated with a low-grade silver allow that is beautifully embossed, chased and carved with floral patterns.  The scabbard itself is made of a blonde Akasia hardwood.