Pedang Luwuk Pajajaran

Code: IN10

A very well preserved antique blade in attractive sheath and hilt newly made from sonokeling wood.

Dapur (style): Pedang Luwuk

Tangguh (era): Pajajaran, about 14th century

Pamor (surface pattern):  singkir

  • Main Characteristic:  Wish Fulfillment (Manifestation of Desires)
  • Virtues: Charismatic presence, attracts wealth and prosperity, high degree of social status, wards off bad luck, psychic attacks, magic spells and negative spirits, Ideal for business men and women for protection against competitors, helps to manifest one goals and desires.

Hulu (hilt): sonokeling wood

Warangka (sheath):: panjang bilah saja, about 44cm

Total length: about 61cm

Pamor Types

Pedang Luwuk Blade Detail

Pedang Luwuk Blade Detail

Pedang Luwuk Hilt (Hulu) Detail

Pedang Luwuk Hilt (Hulu) Detail