Dha Mead Peek Nok

SA20 Thai Mead Peek Nok

Code SA20

This is a large and heavy "chopper" dha originating in northern Thailand or Laos c. mid-18th to early 19th C.  It is called "mead peek nok" (birds wing knife) in the Thai language. In other areas the name would be different. This style is found in various lengths. It is a rare example of a weapon from this region and era, and is in very good condition  This style is also found in northern Vietnam (Tonkin). Like many such edged weapons, this one could have been used as a working tool (e.g., agriculture) but due to its size, sturdiness, excellent balance in the hand, and "posh" decoration it was more likely used as a weapon. The overall length is 21 inches.  The blade 11 inches and hilt 10 inches. There is no damage to the hilt or looseness in either blade or hilt.

The blade very robust is nearly ½ thick along the spine, with a distal taper along a concave back leading towards an clipped-type point.  The edge is convex, sweeping up to the tip in concord with the beginning of the clipped top edge.  The steel is watered-laminated as clearly shown on both sides of the blade.  The edge shows a differentially heat treated cutting edge.

The hilt is made of rosewood or similar native hardwood and has a dark red/brown color and aged patina. The ferrule and pommel are made of a samrit type metal alloy of beautiful yellow-gold color.  The alloy is possibly of copper and gold, a combination that was typical to the region and era.