Keris Sengkelat Udan Mas

Code: KE22

Dapur (style): Sengkelat

Tangguh (era): Kamardikan (20th century)

Pamor (surface pattern): Udan Mas (golden rain) (“brings wealth to the owner”)

  • Main Characteristics: Protection and Wealth; Good for Business Success.
  • Virtues: Attracts good luck. Helps to attain prosperity and wealth. Very good for commerce. Good for both business men and women. Udan Mas is especially strong for entrepreneurs and traders. It helps to attract and secure clients.   

Rickican (blade Features): A kembang kacang is intact. The Ganja is Mbatok Mengkureb.

Hulu (hilt): medium brown wood in Surakarta style with carvings

Mendak (fittings): golden colored

Luk (waves): 13

Warangka (sheath top):  Ladrang Surakarta, medium brown wood

Pendok (sleeve): balk lopeng tri warna (three colors).  The pendok is golden colored brass material and on the front side there are nice ornaments of flowers and a bird on a red background.  The flowers are golden and silver colored and the birds are copper colored

Total length: The length of the blade is 37cm and total length 50.2cm 

Edged Weapons of the Indonesian Archipelago

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